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Do You Need to Install a New Roof?

You may presume you do not need to consider installing a brand new roof until the old one begins draining, but if you wait that long it is going to be much costlier. Why? Because by the time you see the flow, the structural damage will have already happened. Here are a Few Tips to help determine if the time has come to replace a roof: How old is your current roof? If installed correctly and with excellent materials, an asphalt shingle roof should last 20 to 25 years, sometimes longer. Additionally, it depends on how many shingle layers you have and if it had been adequately ventilated. If you’ve lived there for several years and are unaware of if the roofing was previously replaced, consider employing a roofing inspection.

  • Proceed and take a look at the roofing. Are the shingle lines undeviating, or so you see sags or other flaws? A dip would show that the sheathing beneath is rotting. Please pay careful attention to the drops as they can be among the most significant part of your roofing since it is where snow and rain leak into the gutters.
  • When you clean your gutters, do you locate a whole lot of asphalt granules in the gutter? That is a signal the asphalt shingles are gradually breaking.
  • Can you find saline or saline shingles? As shingles age, they start to deteriorate. Are any shingles lost? Check to determine if each of the tabs are all complete.
  • Does your chimney flashing contain roof cement or blossom? Chimneys are a possible weak spot on roofs and also need to acquire a durable, water-tight fitting like metal flashing.
  • Go up in the attic, rather during or immediately following a fantastic rain, and attempt to find evidence of leaks or moisture. Also, check to find out whether there is some daylight streaming through the roofing planks.

If you’re starting to see a few of those warning signs, have a qualified roof inspector supply you with a professional appraisal

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Need a Roof Fix?

Need a Roof Fix?

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